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For each girl to love who she is and to walk into school feeling happy and protected.

To create a positive environment for girls where…

Fear turns to Calmness

Hate turns to Love

Loneliness turns to Friendship



The Sister Soldier organization and Girl World reader audience form a community of people who are committed in their efforts to bring awareness to the harmful effects of girl-against-girl bullying. Female relational aggression all too frequently has a negative impact on young girls’ school experience and development. Together, we strive to change that by empowering girls with kindness and acceptance and teaching them the value of self-love.  


When the assemblies and events conclude, it is important that the girls have a place to go to for support and encouragement. Sister Soldier’s online community and social media outlets enable girls to connect with one another as they navigate their school years together. Filled with empowering content and ways to engage, Sister Soldier is a resource and platform for girls that is always there for a little soul-boost and support. 

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