Below is an overview of the different school presentations that we offer. Please note that our programs can be individually customized for your school. In order to make presentations most relevant for students, we recommend keeping the audience close in age. 


Middle School Presentation (6th-8th)

High School Presentation (9th-10th/11th-12th)

Upper Elementary School (4th-5th)

Individual Grades*


Topics include...the subtle yet hurtful ways that girls treat one another (ex: the silent treatment, dirty looks, exclusion), gossip and rumors, cliques and group-think mentality, judgments/labels, nonverbal communication, conflict resolution, social networking sites  & the cyber world as well as ways to become your own best friend. Topics are tailored and tweaked to be most appropriate for each age group. Upper elementary school assemblies are more introductory and preventative.


*Any grade can be taught individually and this may be preferrable if a particular grade is having great difficulty.  Small group sessions or meetings with student leaders may also be arranged.



Student assemblies last approximately 60 minutes followed by 15 minutes of informal time (Q+A, Signing the Pledge, Distribution of Student Cards, Meeting the Speaker, Peer Interaction)


The assembly focuses on the most current and relative aspects of bullying and relational aggression. It takes a positive, self-empowerment approach, ending the assembly on a positive note. The speaker also draws from relatable personal experiences to further highlight and strengthen points. 


There is a certain youthfulness and comfortability to this assembly that resonates with the girls, making them feel as though they are talking with a peer who knows exactly what it is like to walk in their shoes every day.


The interactive activities give girls the opportunity to open up to their peers, mend relationships and make a positive change in their school experience. 


Assemblies are the vehicle through which our message spreads. This is where the change is made!

How the Sister Soldier Assembly Program will Change Your School

  • The presentation is profoundly moving and will leave the students feeling transformed and hopeful about themselves and their relationships with their peers.


  • In many instances, apologies are made, hugs are shared, resentments are forgiven, grudges are dropped, and a shift occurs that leaves girls with a strong desire to treat each other with kindness and acceptance.


  • Early on in the assembly, many of the girls are moved to tears and are eager to heal broken friendships and forgive one another for hurtful things that have happened in the past. And although there may be tears, there is also laughter and fun-filled moments and students leave feeling inspired and motivated to create positive changes in their lives and in their relationships!

The goal of the Sister Soldier assembly program is to create positive change and results that are

far-reaching and permanent.


In booking an assembly, schools are provided with a Pre & Post Assembly Packet, filled with recommended activities and ideas that schools can implement both before and after the assembly occurs. In addition, schools are also provided with a copy of Girl World as well as a Discussion Guide and Ten-Week Girl World Book Curriculum for easy facilitation of a girl’s club following the presentation.


The Sister Soldier assembly truly is a life-changing experience that will create a positive shift in the social dynamic among female students. To bring the Sister Soldier program to your school or to learn more information about fees and scheduling, click here