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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical Sister Soldier Presentation?

Usually between 60-90 minutes depending on audience size and the school or organization's preference.


Is there a cost involved?

Yes. Speaking fees vary depending on the number of presentations given and where the presentations are located. Travel accommodations are an additional cost. Sister Soldier is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organizaton and the proceeds make our mission and outreach efforts possible. 


Are there any cost-effective ways of bringing the program to your community?

Although hiring a speaker can be transformative for students and youth, it can also be difficult when working within a budget. We suggest teaming up with a local school and scheduling assemblies on the same or back-to-back days. In doing so, speaking costs will be discounted and travel fees can be shared. Presenting the assembly to your PTO group or finding local sponsors may also be successful.


What kind of presentations does the Sister Soldier Assembly offer?

Elementary, Middle and High School assemblies as well as book signings and youth workshops for various organizations and community programs. Further information is available here. 


How can the Sister Soldier presentation create long-term change?

While the assemblies are a definining moment for students, we know that long-term follow up is crucial in creating positive and permanent change. In booking a Sister Soldier Assembly, schools are provided with a Pre and Post Assembly Packet, which details suggested activities to implement both before and after the assembly as well as a Ten-Week Book Curriciulum and Discussion Guide which enables schools to easily create, administer and facilitate long-lasting girls groups following the assembly. 


What is the correct process to book a presentation?

Please fill out the adjacent form or email


Can you provide references so I can speak to another school administrator about their experience?

Yes. We would be happy to provide you with a list of school administrators who can share their experience with the Sister Soldier program. 


How many students does the Sister Soldier Assembly program typically present to?

The presentation can be delivered to as many or as few audience members as you would like. Suggested audience breakdowns are available here


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